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Welcome to Housing & Residence Life at Tulane University. You're at the Housing Portal, the place where you will be able to complete housing applications, review communication from Housing & Residence Life, view information about your room and much more!

For more information about Housing & Residence Life and our residence halls please visit our website: housing.tulane.edu.

Hello parents and families! We're excited to welcome your student to Tulane University and our residence halls. Your student will use this portal to access their personal information related to Housing & Residence Life at Tulane University.

If your student requested your help with this portal or the application process, please work with them while they navigate the portal and provide guidance as they complete and verify information in the portal. It is important that your student is the person completing, verifying and viewing information in the portal as these actions occur using their Tulane University credentials. If your student is under the age of 18 when completing a contract, the system will send you a copy of the contract and will require you to digitally sign the contract as well.

Tulane University offers many opportunities for parents and family members to get involved in our Tulane community. For more information, please visit the Tulane Parent Programs website: parents.tulane.edu.